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So busy....

So here I go again... I want to sub many videos and songs but I'm too busy to do it :( College why do you have to make it hard for me :/ Goro-chan's and Aiba's birthday is coming but I don't have any projects for them :( I want to sub atleast one video for them but I don't think it can be posted on their birthday :/


Even though this is a late greeting, I want to greet the man who made and still make alot of girls dies fall inlove with his tone deaf unique voice, the man who loves to watch Giants game than shooting smasma skit with tsuyoshi and shingo, the man who proclaims that he cant be married don't give up! and the man who's too shy to admit his love for SMAP.

N.Mappy/Hiro-chan/Leader/Nakai-kun/NAKAI MASAHIRO, OTANJOUBI OMEDETTO! I wish you all the best in the world like health and happy family. Just continue being you and be happy. I will always be your number 0 fan ^_______^

My dog....

I have a dog who's very cute and good girl (when sleping) but when awake, she always run and bites everything she see. She also likes to eat tissue and paper -_____- So here's what happened, last thursday my dog bite and destroy my earphones -____-* She's not contented to that, she also put it in her water bowl -____-* I want to strangle my dog so much but when I got mad and cry, she went to my side and show her pleading eyes.... In the end I can't get mad to her and just throw the earphones to the garbage ^___^ Because f that I don't have my earphones now and I can't watch Digitalian concert of Arashi T___T  


Introduction Post


My name is Misaki, a 17 years old girl from Philippines ^____^ I'm currently studying to be a successful lawyer student ^___^ If you see  me posting stuffs in five_true_love, yeah I'm a staff there xD well if you're wondering who's my favorite Johnny's, my answer is MOST of them :)  But most of the time I listen to SMAP, Arashi and Kat-tun songs <3 I HAVE MANY ICHIBAN :)))) If I list my ichibans here, lol this post will be superrrrrrrrrrrrr long ^___^ I'm also interested with flumpool because of my friend who introduce them to me ^___^

What can you expect in my jurnal? Hmm.... Mostly rants about my life and JE and also some spoilers or reports about dramas and concerts ^___^ BUT if I have time, maybe I can post some videos too? xD Yeah, I can do stuffs like encoding, timing, QC, typesetting and uploading so if you want me to help you with projects, I can help you (but not with translatng because I'm still learning properly) ^___^

Ah! I forgot to mention! I'm not eating people so if you want me to be your friend, just comment here ne`

So with that, welcome to my journal and have fun!



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